RISE - Frassati Fest 2017 Recap


God is so good. We already knew this, but it really hit home again this weekend. At Frassati Fest 2017, God brought 250 high school students together to spend three days learning about and praising the Lord. God helped everyone involved in planning this event give their best to make this one of the most joyful and faithful weekends of our lives. God brought us to the Kalahari this past weekend, and He did it for a reason.

As the emcees of the event, we began the weekend with nervous energy. We remembered our freshman year, and how we looked at the emcees with awe as faith and love poured out of their hearts. We could feel their joy from our seats in the third to last row, and we were inspired. There we were, four years later, about to stand exactly where they stood, and the nerves were flowing. We wanted to make that same impact. We wanted to inspire. We wanted to help our peers want the Lord and his greatness.

This weekend, we were called to RISE. Rise to our full potential. Rise and stand with each other. Rise with our Lord. It takes courage to live out your faith, and that is exactly what we were given. From breakout sessions to keynote talks with Nic and Lauren, we rose to the challenge of letting God in. Pope Benedict XVI once said, “you weren’t made for comfort, you were made for greatness.” At Frassati Fest this year, these peers and their adult leaders dove deep into those words. Witnessing this was one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen.

During the weekend, we had the opportunity to listen to three beautiful, unique testimonies as well as participate in adoration, Confession, and Mass.

On Friday night, Kennedy shared her incredible faith journey from elementary school to now, and how she came to be so rooted in her faith, despite doubts and struggles.

On Saturday night, Jack gave us a talk on the importance of having some great faith friends to rise alongside. (We couldn’t agree more!) Then, we had the chance to kneel face to face before our Lord in Adoration. During this time, we were in conversation with Jesus Christ and felt His presence. Along with prayer, we were also given the opportunity to go to Confession. The line was HUGE! These high school students did not hesitate to get up and receive God's great mercy. Watching as each person came from confession with an expression of pure joy was a beautiful thing to see.

On Sunday morning, Sarah talked about how to balance your faith life with your school life. This was the final testimony in which teens were filled with such immeasurable courage, and we are so grateful that God gave them the strength to share these important messages with their peers weekend. Finally, picture this, about 250 Christian teens sitting together with many adults who love them to celebrate the Lord and receive the Eucharist, presided over by our own Bishop. Can you think of any other time you have seen that?

Being an emcee, we were able to see everyone interacting. We saw them playing games and listening to talks. One moment that stood out in particular was during the men’s talk. After Nic shared about family, each guy had to find a partner to share and pray with for each other. This was an impactful experience. Moving outside your comfort zone and introducing yourself to a new person can be intimidating, but the teens at Frassati Fest were true adventurers; they were willing challenge themselves and really make the most out of this faith filled weekend.

As we mentioned earlier: God is good. God brought 250 strangers together, and we left as friends. We shared embarrassing stories (shoutout to Lauren for making all the girl’s freshman year seem a little less awkward), horribly-not-at-all-funny jokes (sorry guys), but most of all, we shared our love for the Lord. Whether you attended Frassati Fest this year or not, we encourage you to take our theme to heart, and continue to RISE up and grow in your faith, spreading the love and joy of the Lord wherever you go. Thanks for helping make this the best weekend of our lives.

Jack, Kristen, and Rebecca | Frassati Fest 2017 Emcees

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