3 Reasons Why I Am a Princess


When we think of princesses, usually people think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  The Disney princess is the standard picture for the ideal princess. Our minds automatically go to little girls spinning around in ball gowns with tiaras and long gloves waiting for a handsome prince to come and rescue them. Most people who aren't 10 year old girls might dismiss the idea of being a princess as something silly or superficial. It's hard to be taken seriously when you're wearing a dress with sparkly shoes and talking to woodland creatures. 


But what about the virtues of a princess? Aren't princesses kind and caring in those stories we hear? Princesses are often called upon to stand up for what is right and true. They are often portrayed as beautiful both inside and out. Princes are also often shown as being honest and good. They fight heroically to protect the people that they love and to defend what they believe in.  In the most cherished fairy tales, princes and princesses are the good guys and the role models for virtue and goodness. 

God calls us to do these same things. He wants us to stand up for truth and defend what is good. He finds favor with those who are kind and love others unconditionally. Being Catholic means that we are all called to love what is true, good, and beautiful. In our Faith, kindness is not weakness, and love is not self-serving. In the context of our Catholic Faith, the idea of being a member of the royal family might not be such a silly thing after all. 

Why am I a princess? 

1. I Am The Daughter of a King

The Catholic Church is a family that is built on relationship and sacrifice. When we are baptized, we become adopted into the family and become the sons and daughters of God. We become sons and daughters of the King of kings and Creator of the Universe. Our creator loves us so much that he instructs us to call him "Father" and wants us to live with Him forever in the heavenly kingdom. 

2. I Have a Royal Inheritance

Being sons and daughters of the King, we are all in line to the Divine inheritance which is eternal happiness in Heaven.  Our very status as Christians gives us a birthright to God's kingdom.  Like any prince or princess, we also carry on a family name of Christ, "Christians," and we must be sure to uphold the name that reflects that title. 

3. I Have a Duty to the Kingdom

John 13:35 says, "By this, all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." Many people notice kindness, but some people don't.  Our job as Christians and heirs to the kingdom is to set an example of Christian living. We also have a duty to defend the kingdom at all costs. We must stand up for what is true and live our lives in a way that brings other people to God. 


When we look at being in the Catholic Church as being a part of a royal family, we realize how special we are and what a great job we have before us. However, it is not through anything that we have done ourselves, but God gives us everything that we need to be worthy of the heavenly kingdom.  He loves us so much, and he cannot wait until His princes and princesses can be with Him forever in Heaven. 


Mariana Nguyen | Camp Gray Alumni 



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