Episode 152: Saint John Paul the Great Study, Part 2

So the podcast isn’t coming as frequently as expected….. BUT I AM STILL KEEPING UP WITH SHOWNOTES FOR EVERY EPISODE!

This week, I sat down with Sadie McCaulley and Michael Orosz-Fagen, both of IHM parish in Monona, to talk about the book study. Haven’t picked up the book yet? You still have time to grab it here and read up to follow along for our next episode on HUMAN LOVE.

In this chapter, we were all really drawn to how personal St. John Paul the Great tried to be with everyone he encountered. He was firm in the truth but was open to listening to the young people around him, which made more young people want to listen to him as well.

I started asking the question, “what is your favorite line so far and how is it inspiring you to live out your faith in your life?” I would love for you all to EMAIL ME AND RESPOND and let me know your thoughts on the book so far!

Peace | Meghan