2017 Catholic Graduate Gift Guide

With graduation season upon us, we wanted to give y'all some ideas for gift giving to young Catholic graduates in your life. Let us know what you think of this list and if you have any gift ideas to add!

2017 Catholic Graduate Gift Guide

1. Moleskine Notebooks - These are top of the line notebooks, perfect for prayer journals or taking notes in class. If you don't have great handwriting, recruit a friend who does to write some of your favorite, inspirational saint quotes on them.

2. True North - This Lifeteen book (written by a Wisconsinite) is perfect for young people, as they work to discern the Lord's will in their life and what's coming next.

3. Beautiful Artwork - Moving to a new dorm room or apartment is an exciting time, so help your graduate decorate the walls with artwork that will inspire and remind them of their great dignity.

4. Travel Mugs and Coffee Gift Cards - In addition to gifting this most appreciated source of caffeine, include a couple homemade coupons for coffee outings with you, to help keep you connected and give you a chance to let them know you are still invested in their lives.

5. An Extra Special Rosary - Search for a rosary that has special importance to your graduate, based on their career path or that hearkens to a saint that you want to accompany them on their journey.

6. Catholic Books - If your graduate is an avid reader, help them enter more deeply into the beautiful truth found within the Catholic Church, through writings of the saints, Church history, and the like.

7. Subtle, Hip Catholic Clothing - Gifting these subtle clothing options will help your young graduate spark conversation with new friends and provide an opportunity for evangelization.