Keep Holy the #Sabbath

Friends, I hope that your lent is off to a great start.  If not, that's cool too. This whole season is lit'rally about how we are nothing (without God) and that, because we are human, we are going to mess up. 

But... if you have come to the realization that the resolution you decided to make just wasn't going to work out, you can check out our podcast from this week, and it could help you to brainstorm some other things that you can do.  

Whether you have this lent thing down and are so stoked to grow in holiness, or you are that person that has never made it through lent without cheating, I have something for you that you can start tomorrow. 

Sabbathing: (verb) to participate in the Sabbath. 

I know, I know. I can't use the word to define the word, but just let me have this and keep reading.  Sabbathing is something so cool that we can all do and it will change your life. 

Now, I am betting that we have all heard the commandment that says "Keep Holy the Sabbath" and most of us probably think that means go to Mass. Well, you aren't wrong, but it is also more that that. God actually asks us to keep holy the whole day.  God created everything in 6 days and then created the 7th day so that we would rest. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Self- I already rest on the Sabbath." But I am going to guess that that is probably not the case. Do you grocery shop on Sundays? (I hope not, because grocery stores on Sundays are horrendous) Do you do your laundry? Clean your house? WORK ON HOMEWORK? These are all things that we should not do on the Sabbath. They are not restful.  Now, I am no Sabbath professional, but I do have some ideas for you that you can do on the Sabbath.  First, let's start with what we shouldn't be doing. 


I'm not saying don't do it. Do it during the week.  I was in high school and I know that for the most part, homework isn't assigned on Friday.  You just don't do it during the week and save it for your precious #sabbath. STOP THAT. 


You might be thinking, "Meghan, you told us to be restful" Yes, but intentionally restful to keep holy the Sabbath. God told us to rest on the #sabbath but he also told us to not be idle.  Believe me, I am just as tempted as the rest of you to spend my whole day in my bed rewatching Gilmore Girls (especially because I gave up Netflix for lent and I can only watch it on Sundays) but STOP THAT. 


This is the hardest part for me. Your resting is supposed to be restful. Not scheduled things that are intended to be restful, but are so planned out that you are not actually resting.  When I started Sabbathing this was such a challenge.  I would make a to do list of all of the restful things I was going to do, but they wouldn't all happen and I would go to bed angry.  Stop glorifying your busyness and just be thankful that you have a day to rest. 

After all of this, you might be thinking that there could not possibly be anything else to do because you have never done anything other than homework, chores, or binge watching Netflix on a Sunday in your life, BUT THERE IS SO MUCH THAT YOU CAN DO. 


1. Call your mom 

2. Have a meal with your family

3. Read a book 

4. Take a nap (NOT SLEEP ALL DAY) 

5. Go on a walk

6. Intentionally hang out with people 

7. Do a puzzle

8. Color

9. Send a letter

10. Knit a Harry Potter Scarf

While visiting my extended family for Thanksgiving, I was reading Harry Potter and drinking some coffee while my family made brunch! #WHATASABBATH

While visiting my extended family for Thanksgiving, I was reading Harry Potter and drinking some coffee while my family made brunch! #WHATASABBATH


Now, I know that this is hard. We glorify busy and think that we are being lazy by not doing work, but if we spend all week working hard, we deserve this day to glorify God. I am telling you, that once you start sabbathing, and I mean really sabbathing, it will be such a good end to your week. You will work during the week so that you can have this time on Sunday without being stressed. You will walk out of Mass on Sunday morning feeling so happy that you have the whole day to just have a good day. 


Tomorrow (well, maybe next Sunday because you didn't plan for it this week so you have tons of homework) - 

  • Do not make a to do list 
  • Do not do your homework 
  • Go to Mass
  • Spend the rest of your day doing things that you genuinely enjoy doing. 

*DISCLAIMER: This might be tough for you! You might not actually know what you genuinely enjoy doing because you never actually have time to do things that you want to do because you are doing other things. 


Now, I know that things come up sometimes and you have to go in to work or you absolutely have to work on a group project with someone for class, and that is okay.  The whole point of this is to mainly make sure that we are intentionally centering our day around Christ.  Make it a priority to go to Mass and to spend as much of your day recognizing all that God has given us and to be thankful for it! It is my hope that you all try this out and realize how wonderful it is to have a guilt-free day of rest. 


If you STILL don't believe me that this is super important, I'm gonna leave it to Isaiah to change your mind.  Here is a piece of today's reading from Isaiah :

"if you hold back your foot on the sabbath

from following your own pursuits on my holy day;

if you call the sabbath a delight,

and the Lord's holy day honorable;

if you honor it by not following your ways, 

seeking your own interest, or speaking with malice - 

then you shall delight in the Lord, 

And I will make you ride on the heights of the earth;

I will nourish you with the heritage of Jacob, your father,

for the mouth of the Lord has spoken." 

Isaiah 58:9-14


Good luck sabbathing! 

Meghan| Freshly brewed contributor