HUMILITY: Freshly Brewed - March 2017

Over the past couple years, I have had the opportunity to travel to Rome twice - for the deaconate ordination of now Fr. Joseph Baker and the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta. Those trips were filled with long walks around town, stopping in Churches and praying with the saints. Within the walls of Sant'Agostino, the first chapel on the left has the painting above by Carvaggio. I think this image of the Madonna di Loreto has made me stop and contemplate, mostly because of the humble position the pilgrims have put themselves in. I most often like to think that I am a self sufficient woman, who has her plans usually laid out far in advance and to-do lists to match. In reality, that is just not the case. The Lord continues to teach me, most especially through prayer and my relationship with the Blessed Mother, that my ways are not the best ways. This ongoing learning process is one filled to the brim with humility.

With the beginning of Lent, I am sure we will have plenty of opportunities to grow in this virtue in the coming weeks, hopefully aided by the content being produced right here by Freshly Brewed Catholic Media in March. From the blog to the podcast, and all the social media in between (if you haven't given it up), keep up with us to enter more deeply into humility and the heart of Our Lord.

Mother Mary, pray for us!

- Lindsay | Freshly Brewed Media Editor