RISE: Freshly Brewed - February 2017

Thanks for joining us, as we relaunch Freshly Brewed in this new and exciting way. We wanted to let you know that each month from the blog to Snapchat and everywhere in between, our team will be focusing in on a theme to inspire and guide us. At the start of the month, we will share with you the theme and a bit of an explanation to accompany it. Enjoy learning about how we are going to rise this February.

FEBRUARY 2017 Freshly Brewed Theme | RISE

Again and again throughout the Gospels, Jesus called those around him to rise, get up, walk, do not be afraid (Mk 2, Lk 7, Lk 8, Jn 11). Out of seemingly impossible or desperate situations, Jesus gave individuals the strength to rise, begin again, and start anew in their lives. The same is true for us today; Jesus wants us to rise up out of darkness, monotony, and our fears. He is inviting us into a life of joy and fulfillment.

Throughout the month, and especially this coming weekend at Frassati Fest, Bl. Pier Giorgio can serve as a model and inspiration for us as we accept this invitation to rise. Giving freely, Bl. Frassati rose to the heights in his adventurous outdoor pursuits, to greater holiness through his love of Jesus Christ and the Church, and to the call to serve the poor in his midst.

We hope you stick with us as we explore this theme throughout the month and rise to the heights.

Lindsay | Freshly Brewed Team